Giraffe Manor Review- Nairobi, Kenya Rev

Giraffe Manor Review- Nairobi, Kenya Review

We have book ended our safari in Nairobi with two unique hotels. The first is Giraffe Manor, in Nairobi part of a giraffe preserve outside the suburb of Karen, named for Karen Blixen. It was built by Betty Melville, founder of the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife, and with only five bedrooms it is like staying at your wealthy aunt’s antique filled home. Downstairs is a family room with beds for 5 people. The other 4 bedrooms are upstairs and very comfortable, although varying in size like many old mansions, with their own bath. Every bedroom has a vase of fresh flowers and is scented with lavender and lemon wood polish. Although it is an ancient brick home everything is pristine, beautifully decorated and newly painted.

During pre-dinner cocktails the waiter bangs his metal pan of giraffe food and all the giraffes come running to the open dining room windows. They reach in with their long necks so we can feed them from our hands. What a photo session and delightful way to have cocktails with the wildlife.

A fire burns in the fireplace and the English manager and hiw wife tell us of thier life in Kenya. He has founded a local orphanage and we ask to see it in the morning. Dinner in the candlelit dining room of Giraffe Manor with the other guests is a convivial affair and the food served at an Estate Table is wonderful. After lots of good food we stagger to bed revved on our first malaria dose and excellent African wine. After two days in flight and tonight a home cooked dinner, we sleep like babies.

After an early wake up call for our trip to the airport and our flight to the Kenya bush, we have breakfast again with the giraffes sticking their long necks through the dining room windows for food.

Some of us made the mad dash to the orphanage, where we met the lady who runs it. She has given up her bed to two new orphan sisters and sleeps in a chair, so we pooled our money for the manager to buy her a mattress.

This is an accommodation with heart and a story. The Melville family still is often in residence and the home is cared for lovingly. No five star hotel could compare with our experience at the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya.

Connie Ebright
Africa Destination Specialist


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