I have been an Africa Specialist since m

I have been an Africa Specialist since my first trip to Kenya in 1998, when my sisters and I journeyed to Kenya, The Dark Continent. Upon arrival I knew I loved the people, the country and the exotic flavors of this unique country. By the time I left Kenya, I knew that the bread crumbs of my life had led me to Africa. When I returned home, I began to take every course offered on Africa- the geography, history, culture and historical underpinnings. I was in love with a people, a place, a culture and, most of all, game viewing. I became one of the first African Destination Specialist as determined by ICTA, (Institute of Certified Travel Agents). I was one of the first five to receive the designation as a Fundi Specialist from the South African Tourist Board. A short time later I was certified as a Master Kenya Specialist, and then as a Tanzania Specialist by the Tanzania Tourist Board. To this day I join every webinar on any destination in Africa and there are at least two per week. I go to Africa every year for either a supplier convention, to take a small group or to go on my own site inspecting camps, locations, game viewing and weather patterns. I stopped counting my safaris to Africa at more than 20 when going more than once a year seemed to become over the top. Now I go, enjoy and never think about how many times I have been there. And I write travel journals for most of them.
I have many “in country” suppliers who know me personally and they make sure I get all the deals and specials for my clients. Because many of my suppliers are in county, I can get it less expensively than I could through a US supplier that has high overhead costs. I provide my clients my personal experience and knowledge about locations, best value for the money, best time of year for newborn babies, or the migration or whatever it is that interests them. My most important benefit is my almost instant response to their questions and concerns about travel to one of the most exotic destination in the world. If you or someone you know is thinking of Africa, please have them call or email me, so we can put together the trip of a lifetime. My clients tell me that Africa is the high water mark of all their travels.
Connie Ebright
Email: safari@ebrighttravel.com
African Safari Specialist


One thought on “I have been an Africa Specialist since m

  1. I can really feel your passion for Africa and providing your clients with a life changing travel experience. Africa is not a destination to be found with a quick internet search. How lucky your clients are to have found you!

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