How I Fell in Love with Africa and Safaris

Bushtops Serengeti

Bushtops Exterior








Africa ended up being everything I thought it wasn’t and so much more.  I was completely dumbfounded by the beauty, wildlife, people, and high level of service and sophistication in the hotels, and camps.  I returned from that trip a total convert, wanting to share this “secret” with everyone I knew.  And the seed was planted for my African Safari business.

I travel with my six sisters every year and when we had been most places one sister suggested Africa. I did not want to go and fussed for two weeks, eventually agreeing to go under duress. On the flight to Kenya I immediately began to feel the sweetness of Africa when I heard the lilt of the flight attendant’s voices.  By the time I returned home I was hook, line and sinker in love with the people, the land and game viewing.  It was like a wild place between Iowa farms where I grew up and it felt like home.  I realized that Africa was my passion and what I had to do in life.

There are so many clients with ideas similar to what I had before my first trip to Africa.  They are afraid to travel there, thinking it is full of nasty critters, hot, humid and a primitive third world.  My husband was one of those people who said, “Why would I travel all that way, when I can see it on the Discovery Chanel?”  I wrote journals of my trips without him and after reading the 5th trip journal he decided to join me. Now he is hooked and will not let me go without him, unless it is for a convention.  When clients know my story they can relate.  They often have the exact same misunderstandings I did. Knowing I have high standards for travel as they do, they decide to travel to Africa.  I email them one of my journals from the country they are thinking to visiting so they will have an idea of what to expect.  They all come home as entranced with Africa as I am.  Better yet, almost all of them go back to Africa and sometimes frequently.  Upon arrival home most of them tell me their Africa safari was the high water mark of all their travels.  It is truly a magic place.







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