Marriott International is expected to be

Marriott International is expected to become the biggest hotel chain on the African continent. The hotel giant signed a letter of intent to acquire the South African hotel chain, Protea Hotels, which operates 116 hotels across Sub-Saharan Africa.


The stripes of a zebra have caused much

The stripes of a zebra have caused much speculation as to the why they exist. Certainly in dappled light, in a herd, they help to dazzle a predator. The white stripe also acts as a window to deflect heat. All zebra patterns are like our finger prints in that they are all individuals and foals have to imprint their mother’s coat pattern at an early stage in life. The

Kier Matthews, Vice President of Sales f

Kier Matthews, Vice President of Sales for Europe Express, recently shared his list of “must-haves” for a trip to Europe.
1. iPad – Loaded with books and movies for entertainment, and it’s also not bad for catching up on emails on the go.
2. Vanity Fair magazines – Can’t get enough highbrow gossip and fashion.
3. Brookstone eye pillow – Blocks out the light.
4. Leather weekender – I strongly dislike dragging a suitcase over cobblestone streets and sidewalks.
5. Dark suit – I can wear it as separates or as a suit for meetings. Add several vibrant shirts and you are styled for days.
6. Note cards – To write thank you notes on the go. Manners, manners, manners.
7. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream – Flying really dries my skin. In my opinion this is the best daily moisturizer on the market.
8. Clinique eye serum – Helps end eye puffiness after a flight and is refreshing.
9. Lip balm – Can never have enough of this.
10. Multi vitamins – Helps me flight off colds and fatigue.
11. Noise canceling head phones – No explanation needed.
12. Scarf – An easy way to add a pop of color and stay warm on cool evenings.

What’s on your list? Share in the comments below!

Frontier and Spirit Airlines both curren

Frontier and Spirit Airlines both currently charge passengers for carry-on bags that can’t be put in the seat space in front. Frontier’s charge of up to $100 is passed on to passengers who don’t book on the airline’s website. Spirit currently charges $100 for passengers hauling carry-ons at the gate and upwards of $35 for passengers who book and pay for it before boarding.

Charging for bags has a definite adverse effect on customer satisfaction, but they seem to be gradually getting used to it. Consumer advocate Chris Elliot pointed out in a Washington Post feature, on May 14, that these new fees cannot be regulated by the FAA or Congress. He suggests that “politely” asking a gate agent to waive a fee might be passenger’s “only hope” of avoiding them.